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Why Treatment in Turkey?
  • There is no waiting period in Turkey.
  • There are world-class high-tech medical equipment. There are many healthcare professionals who are experts in their fields.

According to the data of 2014, it is estimated that the average number of tourists visiting Turkey is around 42 million, while the number of tourists coming for health tourism is 480,000.

Some of the reasons to be treated in Turkey:

  • The close flight distance
  • The affordable treatment costs
  • The qualified human resources
  • The qualified service
  • The modern medical technology
  • No waiting time
  • Socio-cultural similarity
  • Variety of touristic activities accompanying the treatment
  • Supporting the health tourism with incentives and international agreements within the scope of state policy
  • Having regional representatives and pharmaceutical factories of foreign insurance-assistance companies and many foreign and domestic pharmaceutical companies
Affordable Treatment Costs

The treatment costs are approximately 70-80% cheaper than those in Europe, North America and England. For instance, the price of bypass surgery in the USA is between 125,000-200,000 USD, while it costs approximately 40,000 USD in Turkey.

Fluency in Foreign Language

The majority of healthcare professionals speak foreign languages, and most of the medical doctors are in scientific cooperation with USA and European countries.

Diversity in the Quality Service:

Turkey is known for its diversity in the health tourism.

For instance: Medical treatments (advanced treatments, cardiovascular surgery, radiotherapy, organ transplantation, IVF, cancer treatment, aesthetic surgery, eye, dental and dialysis etc.), hot springs (wellness, cure treatments, spa), physical therapy, anti- aging, disabled and elderly tourism.

While the world's largest network of the eye clinic is in Istanbul, Turkey ranks 7th in the world with its water and mineral resources with excellent mineral properties.

The Turkish Ministry of Health has 87 cooperation agreements with 53 countries in the field of health.

The conditions and equipment of healthcare professionals and institutions are in world standards.

"A lot of words come to my mind when I see the beauty of Turkey. Not only the landscapes but also the unforgettable experiences are beautiful and unique. Turkey offers nothing less than a good life with happy memories."

The reasons why Germany, Russia, England, USA, Canada, Libya, Netherlands, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Syria, Azerbaijan, Iran, Central Asian Countries and Middle East Countries prefer Turkey for the health tourism are as follows: the affordable treatment costs, no waiting time, the medical technological superiorities, a large number of highly specialized healthcare professionals, kinship relations, easy and affordable access to the procedures not covered by insurance in their own countries, the access to modern medical services requiring expertise, the socio-cultural similarity and traditional tourism opportunities.

Cultural Richness and Smiling Face

Turkey is a mosaic with its historical and cultural structure. Since it constitutes an intercontinental bridge, every tourist can find something from himself/herself. For this reason, Turkish people are known as one of the most hospitable, friendly and tolerant societies in the world.

Touristic Activities Complementary to the Therapy

Before or after the treatment, the patients who desire to rest in the facilities close to 352 blue flag beaches of Turkey for 300 days of sunshine in a year, and they can visit rich historical ruins.

Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries with its political and geostrategic location.

It can provide healthcare services to 1.5 billion people within a 4-hour flight distance. Having a high number of flight destinations in the world, Turkish Airlines (THY) subsidizes some of the flight tickets of tourists coming for the health tourism within the scope of its state policy.